Over the years, many people have commented about how much they like the game. Here are some of my favorites:

I had a half dozen "breakout" games I had downloaded and played but after registering Macbrickout, I dumped them all in the trash. Your game is the "Rolls Royce" of them all.

George F.
Baytown, TX

"This is the best arcade style game ever in my opinion!"

A. Chevalier
Peabody, MA
This is a wonderful game. I first became aware of it when I was a teacher and my students started playing it during recess. I had a hard time tearing them away from it :-). Now, I have a hard time tearing myself away from it.:-) Many thanks!

I. Zimmer
Schenectady, NY
Stunning customer service...stunning game

D. Dourambeis
United Kingdom

My father is 75 years old and plays this game every day! It will be a nice surprise to give him the full version for Christmas!

S. Bartolotta
Greensburg, PA

We are continually impressed with the incredible attention to detail you have paid to the design of this program. We get many hours of enjoyment from it. This was a very worthwhile purchase... Please keep up the good work...

R. and S. Kelejian
Saint Petersburg, FL
From a "kid at heart" this is a beautifully rendered game. From my layman's standpoint, it is obvious you have put a tremendous amount of work into making it. I've enjoyed the "Demo" version so much, I just had to have the whole thing! Keep up the good work...you deserve the fruits of your labors.

J. Williams
Louisville, KY
Tonight the impossible happened. See if you can picture this--I nabbbed a Red X (DOH!), figured I was dead as I was not getting multiples on that bounce...ball came down and went through my (red) paddle and !!Surprise!! hit the umphee....bounced up through the paddle, came back down....!!!Surprise again!!!! !!!!!!! hit the shell!!!! bounced up through the paddle again and then a Catch capsule came down and I grabbed it--got my paddle back and 25,000!!! Ok so WHAT are the chances of THAT happening--the umphee and the shell BOTH situated right underneath my paddle RIGHT when I get a Red X???? hahahah it was awesome.

K. Knight
Deerfield, MA
Impressive, addictive game - shareware at its best.. How do I stop playing? ;0])

K. Riekert
Brooklyn, NY
The attention to detail in this game is incredible, I'm sure it has been a labor of love. If you ever release a version 5.0, I will register! Great work Carson, this puts many games to shame. The replay value is very high.

D. Kirmes
Arlington, MA
It's hard to believe that the fun factor could be increased so much over poor old version 3. This is by far my most favorite piece of game shareware. :)

S. Robbins
Burlington, VT
Came across the Secret section last week and have enjoyed trying all the different levels. That was a brilliant idea since if you're not exceptionally skilled these are beyond reach. Particularly liked the "Six is it?" The first time I tried it the screen just exploded with blue capsules and I sat with my mouth open.
There are hours of entertainment ahead and I congratulate you on this new version.

F. Fulton
I think you've done an amazing job in this game! I particularly love the "Umphee" -- every time he leaps in the air after being hit I just laugh out loud... especially when he (I'm assuming it's a "he"...) floats up in his little bubble -- priceless! I'm also truly impressed at how "clever" you've made the game -- whenever there's a brick left in a place that seems impossible to reach (such as in the "bombs" bonus level"), eventually the ball will make it there. Great job!

K. Jaron
Ontario, Cananda
It all started as an innocent demo on the Macaddict disc and it is taking over my life. My six year old son and I began playing the demo and loved it, then we registered which opened up a whole new world of fruit, capsules, and lasers. We play every night and keep discovering new things, like how to trap a ball and what happens when you get your ball is eaten by the clam shell. I now find myself in Macbrickout Land even when my kids are not home. My laundry is piling up and the weeds are taking over my garden! Is there a twelve step program for Macbrickout addiction? We just love this game! Thanks for a game that is fun for the whole family and allows action without violence. Keep creating. You are the best!

Thanks, J. Borshak
Winston-Salem NC
"Wow! Quite simply the most innovative take on the old classic smash-the-bricks game that I've ever seen! The attention to detail and all the small goodies and touches (like the umphee and the sand and everything else not normally related to Breakout) make this game a real gem."

"I thought the $25 price was pretty steep 'til I played it. I won't go so far as to say it's a bargain now, but it's definitely WORTH EVERY CENT!"

J. Goeres
Ames, IA
I AM AMAZED . . . TOTALLY, TOTALLY COOOOOOL! I'm like a little kid in a candy store! This was worth the wait for 2 years! You thought of everything when you updated this game. Each surprise making my heart skip a beat! If you do a 5.0 version, I can't even imagine what your clever mind can come up with. Thank you for a clean, ingenious game that is just outrageously FUN, FUN, FUN!! Your heart is in the right place! Your game is worth EVERY PENNY, plus you gave me GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE when I needed it!!

Rosanne S.
St. Francis, WI

Very, very inventive game... well done.

J. Freilich
Santa Monica, CA

"You've got a winner...great game... polished and shined...it's a keeper."

G. Harban
Pawhuska, OK

"A great improvement over 3.0. I never registered that one, but have been following the saga of creating 4.0 since you first mentioned on your web site that you were starting over from scratch....(first stopping by once a week...then thinking maybe you had ditched the project....then very excited to find out that you had resumed coding with vigor). It was well worth the wait, and is well worth the money. I support all shareware developers who invest time and money into creating, exciting, addictive non-violent games, as there really isn't many of these type of games out on the market anymore. Thank-you for re-hooking me."

"...you did a very good job designing this game. There is no room for boredom playing
MacBrickout, no matter the skill level of a gamer."

L. Bousson
Ames, IA

"Beautiful game! The 3D shadowbox look is nice with the sandbox below that game sprites stick into/out of and the little crawling bugs. My first multi-ball was unexpected and had the same effect as my first pin-ball multi-ball (I won't say when that was!), NEAR PANIC HEART ATTACK! It's obvious that his has been a labor of love; the attention to detail and the overall look are just marvelous. Your ability to "think outside the box(es)" (non-grid aligned rectangular areas) really seperate this from "yet another break-out clone".

George Warner
Mixed Mode Magic Fragment Scientist
Apple Developer Technical Support (DTS)
"Carson, You are to be congratulated on a wonderfully fun and exciting game. I truly appreciate your making the game difficult as I am enjoying the challenges. My needs for play are being met and my PC friends are very envious. Hats off to you. I am sure you will be receiving many, many awards for this fantastic upgrade!! I really didn't feel safe taking care of registration this way until I saw that my credit card number was scrambled. You've done it again, you paid close attention to detail. I think it might be worth a mention on your webpage that you have a secure way to pay via credit card."

K Aichner
Ventura, CA
"Another great game, I enjoyed 3.1.2, but this is great. Thanks Carson."

D. Sellwood
United Kingdom
"I love your game so much! Thanks for keeping up on making old school type of games. I'm getting sick of these new games where you have a gun and blow someone up. Its fun for a while but BRICKOUT! This is the best game. Keep up the good work and updates."

M. Mallari
"Thank you- thank you- thank you! We've been looking forward to playing this for years! Mac Brickout was the first shareware game we ever bought, and we've enjoyed it so much!"

V. Kandiah
Santa Rosa, CA
WinBrickout is probably, no, definitely the best Brick-Bashing game in the Universe!!!

Nancy S.
Fairfax, VA