Options Menu

The options menu offers several, well... options. Here, you can select the desired sound volume, select a one or two-player game, adjust the paddle speed, and select beginner mode. In beginner mode, the ball moves slower than normal and the scoring is reduced.

2-Player Games
The 2-player game is set up a little differently than in other games. A player needs to complete a level, rather than lose a ball, before the next player gets a turn. This keeps both players playing on the same level and allows a skilled player and a not-so-skilled player to still enjoy playing against each other.

Aim For Levels
The options menu also offers "Aim for Levels" for registered users. "Aim for Levels" allows you to play the levels out of order. With this option selected, starting a new game will show a screen containing 9 miniature levels (or thumbnails). When the ball comes down, hit it with the paddle and whichever thumbnail the ball hits is the level you get to play. Each time you clear a thumbnail, the thumbnails all shift down to fill in the gap and a new level thumbnail appears in the top row. The newest levels are always at the top.

If you get a high score in "Aim for Levels" mode, a pound sign (#) will appear before the level number in the high score dialog box. This is to tell you that the level number doesn't represent the highest level you reached. Instead, it means the total number of levels you completed.