How To Play

The object of the game is to destroy the bricks using a ball and a paddle. When you destroy all of the bricks in a level, you progress to the next level. The goal is to reach the very last level.

Along the way, you'll encounter various items that will challenge you.

Umphee: This little guy will sometimes appear in the sand when you start a new level. If you hit him with a ball, he'll take off running and free any lodged balls he encounters. He's also been known to dive down into the sand and pull up treasures.

Teleporter: When the ball enters a teleporter, it will instantly teleport to another teleporter.

Gates: and Trigger Switches: (magnified) Some levels have gates which prevent you from accessing certain areas of the level. You must hit a trigger switch to open a gate. When you hit a trigger switch, its color changes from red to green. Some gates require that you hit a combination of trigger switches before they open.

Multiple Hit Bricks: You have to hit these bricks more than once before they disappear.

Indestructible Bricks: Over the years, these bricks have always been known to be indestructible. That is, until the bomb ball was invented!

Musical Bricks: Almost every level contains musical bricks. When you hit these bricks in order, you'll get a special prize. The bricks with green music notes don't contain any prizes but the bricks with gold music notes definitely have something to offer! Note: Be on the lookout for some super secret musical bricks that don't visually identify themselves. The prizes these have to offer will certainly help out your game!

Scoring: Bricks can be worth anywhere from 1 to 20 points. They are worth more points as they get closer to the top of the screen. When you hit a brick, its value doesn't immediately get added to your score. Instead, it gets added to a "behind-the-scenes" score. Also, your multiplier (MULT) gets increased by 1. When the ball hits the paddle, the behind-the-scenes score is multiplied by the multiplier and the result is added to your displayed score. At this time, the behind-the-scenes score and the MULT both get reset to zero. The longer you can keep the ball from hitting the paddle, the higher your MULT will climb and the higher your score will be. Also note that the MULT will increase by how many active balls you have on the screen. If you have 3 balls, the MULT will increase by 3 each time a brick disappears.

Achievements: On the far right side of the high score dialog is an Achievements section. Any time you do something that the game recognizes as "cool", "tricky", "difficult" or "sneaky", you will be rewarded with a special achievement icon. Some examples are: Completing a bonus level, getting a gold coin, or purposely getting a ball trapped inside a gated area. An "all-time achievements" section appears near the bottom of the high score dialog box. Any achievement you ever attained will show up here, even if your score wasn't high enough to make the high score list.

Submitting High Scores Using versions 4.0.2 - 4.1.0, registered users can submit their high scores to this website for everybody to see. Simply click on the "Submit" button in the high score dialog box to copy your score to the clipboard. Then go to the High Score section here at the site and click the "Submit" button. Paste your score in the appropriate box, type some comments if you wish and then hit the submit button. If your score is high enough, it will appear on the list.

The OSX version of MacBrickout makes things simpler. Just hit the submit button in your high score dialog box and your score will automatically be submitted to the website. No copying or pasting necessary! Note that only the very top score in your local high score list will be submitted. Only scores from Leapfrog Software authorized level sets will be considered.