Frequent Players
Only available in the registered version

Under the HIGH SCORES menu, you'll find a Frequent Players menu item. This brings up a dialog box that allows you to add or remove frequent players from the game. Frequent players are those who wish to maintain their own personal high score list. Once you're set up as a frequent player, your high score will get saved in your own personal high score list. If you have an all-time high score, it will also get saved in the all time scores list.

When you view high scores, you can look at each player's high score list by selecting the desired player from the popup menu in the bottom-left corner of the high scores dialog box.

When you start a new game, your name will be imprinted in the sand on the left side of the screen on the first level. This is so you can be sure that you're not playing somebody else's game by mistake. It would be terrible if you got your all-time high score and ended up saving it in somebody else's list!