Sometimes a brick will drop a capsule when it disappears. Here is a list of the different capsules:

 UpDown Capsule. This allows you to move the paddle vertically. Each time you catch one of these, you're given a little more vertical range.  DownUp Capsule. This has the reverse effect of the UpDown Capsule. It takes away some of your vertical range. Try to avoid these.
 Catch Capsule. This allows you to catch and hold the ball for a few seconds. Click the mouse button if you wish to release the ball early.  Free Ball Capsule. This capsule is very rare so do whatever it takes to catch it (but don't lose your ball while trying)!
 Red X Capsule. If you catch this, your paddle turns red and loses its abilty to deflect the ball. AVOID AT ALL COST!  Happy Capsule. You must catch this in order to keep it happy. If it touches the sand, it sends Red X capsules after you.
 Slow Capsule. This slows the ball speed slightly. The effect lasts a few seconds and then the ball speed returns to normal.  Wide Capsule. This makes the paddle wider.
 Fast Capsule. This speeds up the ball slightly. The effect lasts a few seconds. You generally want to avoid these.  Narrow Capsule. This shortens the length of the paddle.
 Laser Capsule. When you catch one of these, your paddle turns into a laser paddle. Hold down the mouse button to rapidly fire laser balls and quickly destroy the bricks.  Fruit Capsule. When you catch this capsule, any hidden fruits or vegetables will appear. Click here to find out about fruits and vegetables.
 Three Capsule. This turns one ball into three balls.  Radioactive Capsule. This turns your ball into a radio active ball. Click here to learn more about radioactive balls.
 Warp Capsule. If you catch this, a small warp tunnel will appear on the side of the screen. If you can get the ball to go through the warp tunnel, you'll get 50,000 points and automatically warp to the next level!  Clear Capsule. Catch two of these in a row in the same level and something will appear in the sand...
 Placebo Capsule. This capsule does absolutely nothing! He..he..  Bonus Capsule. Catch this capsule and you get 1000 points. If you finish the level, you'll get to play a special bonus level.
  2000 point capsule. Catch this to pick up 2000 points.   5000 point capsule gives you a sweet 5,000 points!
  -10K capsule. Takes 10,000 points away from your score. Try not to catch it!